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Why RMU?

Test for Success

Helping students achieve success.

The Test for Success Program (TFS) provides our students with the best college experience from beginning to end, integrating a comprehensive academic success program.

The Test for Success Program is nothing less than realizing the full potential of our students through the implementation of a premier sustainable academic resource program. Students will be assisted in acquiring academic skills to be successful in a rigorous academic setting. TFS will facilitate the student's intrinsic motivation to pursue an academically successful education in an increasingly challenging major.


Dr. Carl Ross and Janet Barber

Achieve Student Success Through a Comprehensive Program

  • Assessment of learning needs during a meeting with expert faculty 
  • Peer tutoring
  • GA and Professional Tutoring
  • Test-taking Skills
  • Cognitive Behavioral Restructuring
  • Additional Resources

Overall Goals

  • Early identification of students who fit referral criteria
  • Achieve student success through a comprehensive approach
  • Provide coaching and resources to students that will empower them to develop academic skills and knowledge, in order to meet rigorous college expectations
  • Recommend curriculum improvements based on themes identified by tutors, students and faculty

Specific Goals

All nursing students referred to TFS will:

  • Schedule an initial assessment meeting with the Test for Success Coordinator
  • Develop and follow an academic plan in collaboration with the TFS Coordinator, according to the student's identified strengths and weakness
  • Achieve an 80% or greater on exams in order to be successful in the identified class(es) and/or be successfully removed from Performance Improvement Plan
  • Achieve the required score on all HESI exams administered in the SNHS
  • Pass the NCLEX-RN Exam on the first attempt

Criteria for entrance to TFS Program

  • Student is not achieving at the expected level
  • Student has scored below required score on any HESI exams administered by the Department of Nursing
  • Faculty has identified written work or reading comprehension needing improvement
  • Student has been placed on a clinical or academic Performance Improvement Plan
  • Course Faculty and/or Clinical Faculty feels the student could benefit from the TFS program
  • Student has self-identified the desire for TFS support

The TFS Program works in collaboration with other university departments to promote success of our students, such as:

  • Center for Student Success programs 
  • Mental health/ behavioral health counseling
  • Academic Integrity Committee
  • Tutoring and support for students 
  • University Writing Center 

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