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Why RMU?






Exploring Healthcare in China

The SNHS has a strong partnership with Suzhou Health College that fosters student and faculty exchanges.  Students have the opportunity to travel to China as a part of the Healthcare in China course.   This international experience is supported by the Center for Global Engagement and offers visits to universities, healthcare facilities, and other important historical landmarks.

In 2009 the first group of RMU students and faculty traveled to China and visited schools and health care centers in Suzhou and Nanjing and had the opportunity to explore the rich culture of several Chinese regions. This travel was part of a 3 credit elective course offered in the Spring.

The second group of students and faculty traveled to China in May 2010 and the trip included cultural and educational opportunities in Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing and Beijing.

Cost of the Program

This travel is part of a 3 credit elective course and course fees apply. Cost for this program are determined and include airfare, room and board.


Students stay in hotels located near the universities and cultural events.


Open to all students especially those in the School of Nursing and Health Sciences who are in good standing at RMU (Academic Services, Financial Services and Student Affairs).