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Why RMU?




(S.M.A.R.T. = Students, Mentoring, Assisting, Relating, Transitioning)


As a student-driven, peer mentoring program, we provide social, academic and emotional support and guidance within the School of Nursing during the continuum of the nursing program. 

Objectives and Goals

  • Promote student, faculty, and program engagement within the department of nursing, as well as RMU and surrounding communities.
  • Assist freshman nursing students with the transition to higher education.
  • Encourage academic success and social networking opportunities.
  • Develop a strong support system among nursing students.
  • Engage students through group activities for stress relief, relaxation and socializing.
  • Senior nursing students will serve as mentors to sophomore nursing students (mentees).
  • Junior nursing students will serve as mentors to freshman nursing students (mentees).
  • 2nd Degree students will serve as mentors to incoming 2nd Degree students.
  • Being a mentee is strongly encouraged for freshman and sophomore nursing students.  
  • Oversight of program by faculty. 
  • Mentors will be chosen based on completion of submitted application, and signed letters of commitment and confidentiality.
  • Mentees will be assigned to mentors by faculty and delegates.
  • The partnership between a Mentor and Mentee requires active participation from both parties. 
  • Mentors and mentor delegates will receive leadership SET credit.

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