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Why RMU?


— Former BSN student

Individuals Matter

We know your name.

At RMU, students are involved beyond the classroom and our experienced faculty is successful at preparing students for life as well as for their careers. RMU’s Student Engagement Program gives students real world experience and requires them to take part in leadership, service, research, international and professional activities.

Programs are available for students to help them at every level.  

  • Peer and Faculty Mentoring - there are many options for mentoring and tutoring programs. 
  • Test for Success
  • Center for Student Success - provides writing support, testing accomodations and counseling services.
  • S.M.A.R.T.
  • Student Engagement Program
  • Living Learning Communities - students live in dorms with other students who are majoring in their same field. 
  • HESI program - designed to help students pass required professional tests. 
  • Remediation Coordinators
  • Online Writing Advisor for MSN in Nursing Education and DNP programs
  • Online Reference Librarians
  • International service learning experiences