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Psychiatric Mental Health NP

Post-Masters/Post-Doctoral   Psychiatric  Mental  Health  Nurse  Practitioner  (PMHNP)  Certificate  Program

The prevalence of mental illness and substance dependence in both adults and children leads to emotional and financial burden on patients, families, and society as a whole. Untreated mental disorders compromise developmental achievement and place youth at risk for school failure, teenage pregnancy, suicide, violence, and the development of comorbid psychiatric and substance abuse disorders. Compounding these problems is a shortage of psychiatric providers equipped to manage patients experiencing mental illness. Additionally, there is an increased focus on integration of mental health in primary care as health care providers are recognizing the inter-complexities and multiple medical comorbidities in patients with mental health diagnoses.

The Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) certification program is a 31 credit program designed to increase psychiatric providers and meet the needs of pediatric to geriatric patients experiencing psychiatric conditions. This certification program provides strong educational preparation in psychiatric differential diagnosis and holistic management with an emphasis on both pharmacology and psychotherapy.

This certification program is intended to attract Primary Care Nurse Practitioners (Family, Adult, and Pediatric NPs) and Adult Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners (A-PMHNPs) who want to expand their knowledge and manage care of individuals across the lifespan experiencing psychiatric problems. Upon program completion, individuals are eligible for national certification as a PMHNP.


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