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Tom White, CEO of Jameson Hospital

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The tremendous changes underway in the US health care delivery demand trained administrators and managers who understand how to achieve cost-effective care through process improvement and a focus on improving overall wellness. The days off volume-based care models are gone. Now every employer - hospitals, insurers, and other care providers - has to do more with less, and needs manager who understand the new models.

In the Health Sciences Administration program, students are provided with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead organizations in providing better health care for individuals, fostering better health for the population and lowering per-capita costs through improvement. The program integrates theory with timely and relevant case study and professional interviews to support individuals in developing a comprehensive and practical understanding of the health care industry.

The undergraduate Health Services Administration Program (HSAM) began in the Fall 2005 in recognition that a health administration program was needed at RMU. With healthcare coninuing to evolve, it was also recognized that the HSAM program be expanded to include a graduate program. The graduate HSAM program began in 2014 with 14 students in the first cohort. 

The School of Nursing and Health Sciences offers a Bachelor of Science (BS) and a Master of Science (MS) degree in Health Services Administration.  

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