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Nursing policies are in addition to the Robert Morris University Academic Policies and Procedures. Where differences occur, the nursing policies supersede University policies. Otherwise, the University policies are in force. 


The folllowing graduate policies apply to all graduate nursing students:

Blood Borne Pathogens


Health Incident

Impaired Student in the Learning Environment

Rules of Conduct

Transfer Students


The following policies apply only to students enrolled in the Master's-to-DNP, BSN-to-DNP and Psychiatric Mental Health NP Certificate Programs:

Acceptable Academic Status - DNP/Post-Master's PMHNP Certificate Programs

Admission to DNP and PMHNP Certificate Programs

Clinical Progression  - BSN-DNP and Post- Master's PMNHP Certificate Programs 

Clinical Requirements  - BSN-DNP and Post-Master's PMHNP Certificate Programs 

Completion of Program


Leave of Absence 


The following policies apply only to students enrolled in the MSN program as well as those enrolled in the MSN portion of the RN-to-MSN program:

Acceptable Academic Status - MSN Program

Admission Requirements: MSN

Blood Borne Pathogens

Clinical Requirements - MSN & RN-MSN (Effective January 1, 2017)

Professional E-Portfolio