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Undergraduate Calculation Competency

  • All clinical nursing courses will have a "Calculation Competency" Exam.
  • The quiz will be 10-20 questions (teacher discretion).
  • This calculation exam will be included in examination scores for the courses.
  • The student must achieve a 100% on the exam in order to attend the clinical experience.
  • The first score achieved will be included in examination scores for the course.
  • The student will have two (2) additional attempts after the first try to achieve the 100%.
  • The three (3) attempts to achieve the 100% must be completed by the first day of clinical.
  • Following three (3) attempts, students who do not achieve a 100% on the calculation Competency Exam will not be able to attend clinical.
  • This inability to attend clinical will result in course failure.
  • Achievement of the 100% on the Calculation Competency Exam will be listed on the course syllabus as a prerequisite to attendance at clinical. It is a prerequisite clinical competency.

Calculation Competency Policy - NURS 3015

  • In Foundations of Nursing Practice (NURS3015), students are required to take multiple Calculation Competency Exams.
  • These exams will count toward the exam points in NURS3015.
  • The number of questions and the points on the exams are at the discretion of the faculty.

Faculty Approved: 5/2007
Revised 2/2011,  Revised: 2/2014