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For Students

Social Media Policy

RMU Department of Nursing students should be cautious using social media sites such as: Facebook, Twitter, You-Tube, blogging, etc. The following policy serves as a standard for behaviors when using such media sites. Students will be subject to discipline if they violate the behaviors listed below. When students identify themselves and their association with RMU or the RMU Department of Nursing, they should comply with the following. Students should not:
  • Post items (text, videos, photos, etc.) that represent unprofessional behaviors
  • Post confidential information regarding patients, families or agencies
  • Violate HIPAA regulations

If students identify themselves as being affiliated with RMU or the RMU Department of Nursing, it should be clear that any views expressed are not those of RMU or the RMU Department of Nursing. If opposing views should occur on a social media site, the student should utilize professional judgment. RMU does not tolerate comments from students that are seen as harassment, inflammatory, prejudicial or negative.

Students need to be respectful of others in postings and comments. Civility is an important aspect of online communication.

Students are responsible for all activity conducted using the RMU email address.

Violations of the above standards are subject to disciplinary action.

Faculty approved: 2/2012, Reviewed 4/2014