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For Students

Rules of Conduct

All RMU nursing students are expected to adhere to the RMU Code of Student Conduct. This document can be found at:

Success in the nursing profession requires certain behavioral components including but not limited to personal commitment, empathy, integrity, discipline, respect for others, the ability to work with team members, and the ability to react in an emergency situation with composure and calm. Adherence to these high level behaviors requires maturity and discipline. During clinical experiences, students must perform as a professional in all patient care activities.

Failure to adhere to the standards delineated in this contract will result in disciplinary action ranging from a written reprimand to dismissal from the program (depending on the nature of the violation and the circumstances of that violation).

Students are expected to follow all policies in the RMU Code of Student Conduct.

Violations could include:
  • Creating or contributing to clinical situations that could potentially endanger patients.
  • Failure to adhere to all aspects of the federal HIPAA Act.

  • Use, distribution, or possession of alcohol or drugs on clinical premises or reporting to clinical under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • Unexcused absence from a clinical facility during clinical hours.

  • Failure to follow the instructions of a faculty member or refusing a clinical assignment.

  • Using profane, offensive or abusive language while at a clinical site or while wearing the uniform of the RMU Department of Nursing representing the University.

  • Acting in a disrespectful manner to any employee, supervisor, patient, family, peer, faculty or visitor in any capacity representing the University.

  • Theft, fraud or unauthorized use of property belonging to a clinical site, the University or department.

Faculty approved: 2/2012, Revised 4/2014