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Grading Policy Undergraduate

The semester credit system is used for all courses. Throughout any given course, the student will be given the opportunity to earn a number of grades for written work, papers, exams, projects, etc. It is up to the individual instructor to determine the weight of each of these as they may relate to the course objectives.

Letter grades in the Department of Nursing are assigned as follows:

A 93-100%

A- 90-92 %

B+ 86-89 %

B 83-85 %

B- 80-82 %

C+ 77-79 %

C 70-76 %

D 60-69 %

F < 60 %

Grading System  : (Based on percentage of course points and a “Satisfactory” Clinical Evaluation if the course has a clinical component)

  • A passing grade in co-requisite theory and clinical / lab courses must be achieved concurrently in order to successfully complete the requirements of these courses.
  •  If a student is unsuccessful in achieving a passing grade in  theory and/or the corequisite clinical or lab , then the student has not met the requirements and must repeat both courses.

If examination Score > or = 80%:

Final CourseTheory Grade +Clinical/Lab Grade =
(Pass =P; Fail = F)
Final Grade
 93-100%  = AAPA
 90-92%   =  A-A-PA-
 86-89%   =  B+ B+PB+
 83-85%   = BBPB
 80-82%   = B-B- PB- 
 77-79%   = C+C+ PC+
 70-76%   = CCPC
 60-69%   = DDPD*
 < 60%     = FFPF*
 A,B,C,DF    D*
                                                 F                          F

If Examination Score < 80%:

 Examination ScoreFinal Course Grade (from above)Final Course Grade
 <80% A,B,C,D D*
 <80% F F*

* indicates failure of the course
Approved: 9/2012
Revised: 2/2015