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Course Failures: RN-BSN

Course Failures:  RN-BSN
If a student earns a non-passing grade (any grade below a C) in any of the following required 
courses, the course must be retaken before the student can proceed in the program.  If a student 
earns a non-passing grade in any two required courses, which may include two failures in the 
same course, the student will be dismissed from the nursing program.

Required courses:
NURS4016 Quality and Safety

NURS4010 Community Health Promotion & Assessment

NURS3070 Health Assessment and Education Across the Lifespan

NURS4036 Genetics and Genomics

NURS4050 Leadership and Practicum

NURS6200 Research

HSAM1500 Finance and Healthcare

HSAM6120 Ethical & Legal Issues in Healthcare

INFS6440 Healthcare Informatics

Approved 12/2015