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Course Failures RN-to-MSN and MSN programs

If a student earns a non-passing grade in any TWO required courses, which may involve not passing the same course twice, the student will be dismissed from the nursing program.

Required courses:

Required Nursing Courses:

NURS4016 Quality and Safety

NURS4010 Community Health Promotion & Assessment

NURS3070 Health Assessment and Education Across the Lifespan

NURS4036 Genetics and Genomics

NURS4050 Leadership and Practicum

NURS6200 Research

NURS 7010 Pharmacology for Nurse Educators

NURS 7015 Advanced Physical Assessment and Pathophysiology

NURS 7020 Clinical Focus Practicum

NURS 7040 Health Policy and Economics

NURS 7060 Classroom Teaching Practicum

NURS 7080 Clinical Teaching Practicum

NURS 8050 Applied Statistics

Required Non-Nursing Courses:


EDUC 6010 Theory of Learning


EDUC 6060 Curriculum Design and Assessment 


EDUC 6610 Introduction to Theory and Practice of Online Education


HSAM 1500 Finance and Healthcare

HSAM 6120 Ethical & Legal Issues in Healthcare

INFS 6440 Healthcare Informatics


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Revised: 3/09
Revised: October, 2011
Revised 8/2012