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Course Failures Prelicensure

If a student earns a non-passing grade in any two required courses with the NURS prefix, which may include two failures in the same course or two different NURS course failures, the student will be dismissed from the nursing program. The exception to the policy is NURS 4035.

NURS Courses:

NURS 2010 Introduction to Professional Nursing
NURS 2015 Pathophysiology
NURS 2020/2021* Nursing Assessment & Health Promotion/Nursing Assessment & Health Promotion Lab
NURS 2060 Nursing Care of the Aging Adult
NURS 3015/3016* Foundations of Nursing Practice/Foundations of Nursing Practice Lab
NURS 3020/3021* Management of Adult I/Management of Adult I Clinical
NURS 3030 Pharmacology for Health Professionals
NURS 3040 Nursing Research
NURS 3050/3051* Nursing Care of Mothers, Newborns & Families/Nursing Care of Mothers, Newborns & Families Clinical
NURS 3055/3056* Nursing Care of Children & Families/Nursing Care of Children & Families Clinical
NURS 3060 Nursing Ethics
NURS 4015 Community Health/Health Promotion Theory & Practice
NURS 4020/4021* Advanced Management of the Adult II/Advanced Management of the Adult II Clinical
NURS 4025/4026* Nursing Care of Psychiatric Clients/Nursing Care of Psychiatric Clients Clinical
NURS 4032 Transition to Professional Nursing  
NURS 4041 Preparation for Professional Practice

* The theory and corresponding clinical/lab are co-requisite courses. A passing grade in both (theory and clinical/lab) must be achieved in order to successfully complete the requirements of the course. 

* Failing the theory and co-requisite clinical/lab course in the same semester constitutes one NURS failure. 

Faculty Approved: 9/2006
Revised: 3/2009
Revised: 10/2011
Revised: 8/2012
Revised: 6/2014

Revised: 12/2015