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Clinical Requirements (Pre-Licensure)

An initial health evaluation, initial drug test, background, clearances and current CPR certification (American Heart Association "Healthcare Provider" Level) are required prior to the start of the first course with a clinical experience (e.g., NURS 3020, NURS 3021).


Annual health evaluation and annual background clearance updates are also required. 

The RMU Department of Nursing uses Castle Branch (CB) (formerly known as Certified Background) to facilitate the completion of required health evaluations, clearance information and other documents. Requirements are noted in the package code in CB. All students must create an account with CB when prompted to do so. The costs associated with these clinical requirements are the responsibility of the student.


Students are required to complete and submit all clinical clearance requirements to CB 30 days prior to the first day of the course. Failure to submit these requirements 30 days prior to the first day of the clinical course will result in removal from the course (and any corequisite courses) by the University Registrar.


To access CastleBranch, click the link below:


Please refer to the Undergraduate Student Handbook for the clinical clearance procedure. 




  • A charge or a conviction may prevent students from attending clinical experiences. Inability to fulfill clinical objectives could result in failure in the course and/ or dismissal from the program.
  •  Students are responsible for notifying the BSN Program Director of any change to background clearances immediately.

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Revised 2/2016