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Acceptable Academic Status - DNP Program

  • All DNP and Post-Master's PMHNP Certificate students must achieve a B or better in all DNP /Post- Master's PMHNP Certificate courses.
  • If a DNP or Post- Master's PMHNP student receives a grade lower than a B in any DNP/Post Master's PMHNP course, the student must repeat the course.
  • A student whose term QPA falls below 3.0 will receive a letter of warning from the Department Head.
  • A second grade lower than a B, in the same course or any other course, results in dismissal from the DNP or Post-Master's PMHNP Program. 

 The following process will be utilized when a student receives a course grade lower than a B:

  •     Faculty/instructor notifies DNP Program Director
  •     DNP Program Director notifies SNHS Department Head
  •     Department Head sends letter to the student to include the grading policy standards and information regarding student progression.   
Faculty Approval: 3/09
Revised: 12/12
Revised:    2/14
Revised: 9/16