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Health Incident

Any health incident, defined as any actual or potential injury or health risk, that occurs to a student or a faculty member in any teaching environment within the Department of Nursing or its affiliated clinical agencies must be documented and reported by the faculty member.

Students who are practicing under the supervision of a preceptor should notify the preceptor and the faculty member if such an incident occurs.

  1. Notify the clinical facility supervisor or administrator on call that an incident has occurred and complete the documentation required by the facility.

  2. Complete the Nursing Health Incident Report Form within 24 hours, including a clear statement of the incident that occurred, who was involved, action that was taken, and any plan for follow-up. The description should be factual in nature and free of interpretation and impressions.

  3. For incidents involving blood/body fluids, the student and/or faculty member should report immediately to Employee Health site or the emergency department of the agency. The student/faculty should follow the agency's policies and procedures, in line with the agency's respective exposure control plan.

  4. When treatment is not accessible in the clinical agency, the faculty member should refer the student to Student Health Service. If the faculty member is involved in the incident, he/she should go to the nearest emergency department.

  5. In the event of an incident involving a student, any follow-up care is the responsibility of the student through their primary health care provider, and is at the student's expense.

The report should be completed within 24 hours after the incident occurs.

The faculty member should forward the completed report within 24 hours to the Department Head's office.

Faculty Approval: 5/2009
Reviewed: 2/14