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Clinical Requirements Policy

RMU requires all BSN-DNP and PMHNP Certificate students to upload all required clinical documents to the Castle Branch (CB) website.  Additionally, first year BSN-DNP students are responsible to have all UPMC requirements completed prior to February 1st; however, students should wait to upload the requirements to the UPMC website until instructed to do so.

RMU holds the student responsible for keeping CB requirements current and up to date.

CB website requirements must be completed:

Prior to Summer clinical courses by February 1st  

Prior to Fall clinical courses by July 1st

Prior to Spring clinical courses by November 1st


CB requirements and directions to upload materials may be accessed at:

UPMC requirements and directions to upload materials may be accessed at:



  • A positive criminal background may prevent the student from attending clinical experiences and may result in course failure/withdraw.
  • Students are responsible for notifying the DNP Program Director of any changes to background clearances.
  • Failure to comply with CB requirement deadlines may prevent students from participating in clinical experiences.  Consequently, the RMU registrar will withdraw students from clinical courses and any co-requisite courses. 



Approved: 5/23/2016