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For Students

BSN to DNP and PMHNP Certificate Clinical Progression Policy

Students are expected to conduct themselves as professional nurses in doctoral and post-master's PMHNP certificate advanced practice nursing courses:
  1. Students will take responsibility for their own learning which entails attending the didactic classes, reviewing all reading assignments and class materials, completing all written assignments according to the rubrics and due dates, and attending clinical and clinical conferences as scheduled.

  2. Students are responsible for making preceptor arrangements for their clinical practicum in conjunction with course faculty. If the student needs assistance in finding a preceptor or has difficulty making arrangements, faculty must be contacted in advance of the first class.

  3. Students are expected to behave and dress professionally for clinical experiences (wearing professional dress, identification and their RMU lab coat).  Professional communication (written and verbal) is also an expectation

  4. Students must document their cases and hours in Typhon weekly. The student must notify faculty in writing if they are unable to complete their planned clinical hours.

  5. Students are expected to complete their required clinical hours during the same semester that the course is offered. Students are obligated to attend clinical experiences on a regular basis and to arrange their schedule with their preceptor.

  6. A student may receive an Incomplete grade only if they meet ALL of the following criteria:

    • Have completed 50% of required clinical hours prior to the end of the term
    • Are performing satisfactorily according to their preceptor
    • Submit the dates for the remainder of their clinical time and a plan for completion of the required hours
    • Have logged all of their completed cases in Typhon. An Incomplete grade may prevent progression to the next clinical course in the program.

  7. To change a grade from Incomplete to a passing grade, the student must:

    • Complete his/her clinical hours and Typhon logs according to the plan for completion
    • Submit a Student Evaluation of the Clinical Site
    • Submit the Preceptor’s Evaluation with both signatures (student/preceptor)
    • Satisfactorily complete all written assignments and exams.

Faculty approval: 2/2011
 reviewed: 2/14